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Everyone's Hotter In France
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The latest series in The Walking Dead franchise hit screens this week.

Dary Dixon finds himself washed up on the shores of France and quickly discovers a whole new kind of walker whose touch burns flesh and apparently also transmits the zombie infection. When he later wakes up in a convent he discovers the new zombie variants are called ‘burners’ or ‘boilers’.

Why he’s even in Europe could be explained by the post credit scene at the end of season 2 of World Beyond, where we discovered the virus behind the zombie apocalypse was created by a group of scientists in France.

Even though this is the fifth spinoff in the franchise, director and EP Greg Nicotero says Daryl Dixon is the closest to a “standalone show” since the original.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon premiered on AMC September 10 and is available in Australia now on Stan.


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