Broadband EMDAR

Electromagnetic Direction and Ranging (EMDAR) is a passive sensor technology that detects emissions along the EM spectrum to identify and track other vessels.

Tactical Operating Environment

The Tactical Operating Environment (TOE) is the area of space surrounding the vessel that requires active management, due to possible navigational hazards or tactical threats.

Combat Overview

Endeavour’s mission is one of exploration and discovery. In an unknown and distant environment however, the vessel must be able to defend itself if needed.

Impulse Maneuvering

Impulse maneuvering uses the main engines to control acceleration, speed and heading.

power distribution network

The vessel’s Power Distribution Network is a highly redundant, layered distribution system for delivering power from generation and auxiliary power sources to vessel systems.

torpedo system

The vessel's primary armament is based around a system of railgun-launched self-guided missles referred to as torpedoes. 

Reaction Plasma System

Fusion reaction is fueled by hydrogen isotopes that are heated to create plasma, which is then excited to reach the energy level required for fusion to begin. The plasma must then be maintained at sufficient density to ensure the reaction remains self-sustaining.

Reactor Containment Field

The reaction plasma reaches such extreme temperatures that no physical material could survive direct contact with for any practical duration.

Reaction Chamber

The main function of the reactor chamber is to isolate the reaction from the general environment. The chamber must contain the extreme heat and radioactivity generated by reaction and maintain the vacuum necessary for the reactor to operate.

Fusion Reactor Overview

The choice of primary power source was one of the first technology hurdles that the vessel construction program had to overcome. The power requirements of the main engines and superluminal drive required a significant energy source that also did not have prohibitive mass...

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