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Ion Sci-Fi Video

In this week’s edition Raymond is joined by our North American correspondent Christian Baines for his take on Dune and the latest sci-fi news from Hollywood - including a possible reboot of Stargate. We see what's hitting Australian screens this week and take a look ahead to what's coming in January.

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Stargate Speculation

Stargate SG-1's 25th anniversary is fast approaching - July 27 - and we've speculated that with MGM now owned by Amazon, if they are planning to revive the series, that would be an attractive date for the announcement.

Yesterday YouTube in it's algorithmic wisdom presented us with a video claiming to have inside news on that front.

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Stargate Third AI Read

Following on from their first two Stargate cast table reads of an AI generated script, The Companion have announced a third.

Scheduled for "this summer" (US) which means in the next few months.

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Stargate Interview

Space.com have published a quite lengthy interview with Stargate star Amanda Tapping, showrunner Brad Wright and Google AI Lead Laurence Moroney.

Following on from their second table read of an AI generated Stargate script.

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Stargate Timekeepers Gameplay

Publisher Slitherine has released half an hour of gameplay footage and developer commentary for their upcoming tactical roleplaying game, Stargate: Timekeepers.

This is from the same event Home of Wargamer's event we recently highlighted but just Stargate.

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Ion Sci-Fi May 10

This week an old favourite is returning to screens, a look at Gene Roddenberrys' Star Trek virtual museum, we roll the dice with a local RPG club and the dinosaurs are back to reclaim their dominion.

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Stargate AI 2.0

Former Stargate cast are re-uniting again for a table read of an AI generated script though this time they promise the script is better.

Also, Richard Dean Anderson is at this virtual table and tells us that this is the first dialog he's read since leaving.

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Lego Stargate?

Not officially, no.

But with action roleplaying video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga enjoying the limelight, Stargate fansite Gateworld have published a piece on a fan created lego Stargate Command.

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Apologies and Catchup

Apologies for the break in coverage. The Ion Sci-Fi Screen Awards took some recovery time.

In the interest of catching both ourselves and readers up as quickly as possible, we've produced this summary look at the past couple of weeks.

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Not Exactly Stargate News

In a curious confluence we found three news stories today which sadly aren't about the long-hoped revival of that beloved TV franchise, but which relate to it.

Space.com published a potentially confusing piece regarding the fate of the long-ago announced plans for Roland Emmerich to reboot the Stargate films.


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