Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply in conjunction with the Terms of Use for purchases of goods and services from the ISDC.

Account Details

If you purchase goods or services from the ISDC you will be asked for additional details to facilitate the processing of your order. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure all your account details are accurate to ensure the successful fulfilment of purchases.

You can access your account profile at anytime by clicking your avatar picture in the top-right of every screen.


You may to add an address to complete your purchase. You have the option of storing billing and delivery addresses for future use.

Shopping carts containing digital-only products such as subscriptions will not ask you for a delivery address.

You can manage your stored addresses under the Address Book tab in your account profile.

Payment Methods

You have the option of storing payment methods such as credit cards for future use. If you purchase a subscription product the payment method will be stored so that your subscription can be automatically renewed (if this was an option you selected).

You can manage your stored payment methods from your account proifle under the Stored Cards tab.

The ISDC does not store payment method details such as credit card numbers. These are held securely by a trusted third-party payment processor and any payment method details you provide are delivered securely directly to the payment processor.

Subscription Services

The ISDC offers additional online and in-person services that are accessible for ISDC Account holders with an active subscription. The details of a subscription including its cost, term, features and benefits are described on the subscription’s product page.

Subscription fees are charged monthly (every 30 days) starting from when you make your initial purchase. When you subscribe, you may have the option to choose a longer term for your subscription (for example three or six months)(the Term), in which case you will be charged the subscription fee each month until the Term ends. You may cancel your subscription at any time, even if the Term has not ended.

Where payment of a subscription fee cannot be processed, you will be contacted and asked to update your payment method or submit the fee for re-processing. Your access to the features and benefits of the subscription may be suspended until payment is successfully processed. If the subscription fee has not been paid within 10 days of its due date, the ISDC may cancel your subscription. 

Changes to Features, Benefits or Fees

The ISDC reserves the right to make changes to the availability of subscription products and to make changes to the features, benefits or fees of a subscription product.

Any such changes will not affect a subscription within its Term. You will continue to receive the features and benefits for the same monthly fee applicable at the time of purchase until the Term ends or your subscription is cancelled.

Subscription Points

The ISDC’s points system may include classes of points that can be redeemed to provide access to certain features or benefits of a subscription (Subscription Points). 

The subscription’s product page will detail how many points are included each month, what features and benefits they can be redeemed for and how long the points are valid before they expire.

The points will be allocated to your ISDC Account immediately after successful payment of each month’s subscription fee.

Subscription Points cannot be redeemed as discounts against purchases.


You may cancel a subscription at any time (even if the term has not ended) directly by clicking the My Subscriptions tab at the top of your user profile (which you can access by clicking your avatar at the top-right of every page).

The ISDC may ask you to provide feedback on your cancellation. This is voluntary and if you choose not to provide feedback it will not affect the processing of your cancellation.

When you cancel your subscription, it will remain active until the end of the current month, after which you will not be charged again.

When your cancelled subscription ceases to be active, the features and benefits it provided will no longer be available to you and your membership will revert to the features and benefits of the basic (free) membership package (or any other active subscription you may have).

Any Subscription Points that were added to your ISDC Account as a benefit of the cancelled subscription will remain in your ISDC Account until they expire.


If you are not satisfied with the features and benefits of a subscription or the way they have been delivered, you may request a refund by emailing info@isdc.network or using the contact form (link at the top-right of every page).

A refund request may be for Subscription Points or subscription fees or both.

You may request a refund for the affected feature, benefit or period without cancelling your subscription.

If you have cancelled a subscription or it is no longer active you may still request a refund for a feature, benefit or period affected while the subscription was active.

Where the refund request is for Subscription Points, the points transferred for the affected feature or benefit will be refunded to your ISDC Account.

Where the refund request is for subscription fees, the fees for the month affected will be refunded (any Contribution Points used as part of the subscription purchase will also be refunded to your ISDC Account).

The ISDC assumes individual refund requests made within 30 days of the end of an applicable subscription are in good faith and will process them accordingly. Refund requests outside of this period may be processed where the delay in making the request and the request itself are reasonable.

Where multiple refund requests are made wihin a twelve month period the ISDC may limit your ability to purchase further subscriptions until the issue(s) underlying the refund requests are resolved.

Refunds will be processed by the ISDC within 48 hours of confirming the refund request but may take longer to appear on your card due to payment provider and bank processing requirements.

Points System

Contribution Points accumulated under the Points System (see Terms of Use) may be redeemed as a discount against purchases of goods or services at the exchange rate displayed during the checkout process. The ISDC may alter the exchange rate at its discretion.

Redemption of Contribution Points cannot exceed the value of an order. Contribution Points are not exchangeable for cash.

Australian Members

The ISDC is Australian based. If you are an Australian member then these Terms of Service are in addition to and do not otherwise limit your rights under Australian consumer law.

For Australian members, all prices include GST.