Tactical Systems

Tactical systems include a range of weaponry, countermeasure and electronic warfare systems intended to protect the vessel against conceivable threat scenarios.

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Encounter at P3M-F53T

One of the first simulation missions to be made available for the Academy simulator is the tactical Hunt/Kill scenario. It presents an encounter between opposing forces around a planet in a distant star system, with one ship protecting a discovery made on the planet, and the other attempting to steal its secrets.

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Weapons Direction

This course covers the operation of the torpedo system, including setting up firing solutions, torpedo configuration and weapons direction.

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EMDAR Operations

This course covers tactical sensor systems (EMDAR), including underlying theory, basic interpretation techniques and console operation.

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The Hunt Begins

At last, the chance to get hands-on with Endeavour is here! Hunt/kill simulations are underway and this is your first chance to sign up to train as a potential crew member...

Broadband EMDAR

Electromagnetic Direction and Ranging (EMDAR) is a passive sensor technology that detects emissions along the EM spectrum to identify and track other vessels.

Tactical Operating Environment

The Tactical Operating Environment (TOE) is the area of space surrounding the vessel that requires active management, due to possible navigational hazards or tactical threats.

Combat Overview

Endeavour’s mission is one of exploration and discovery. In an unknown and distant environment however, the vessel must be able to defend itself if needed.

torpedo system

The vessel's primary armament is based around a system of railgun-launched self-guided missiles referred to as torpedoes. 

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