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Russians Return From ISS

The Russian film crew who were shooting footage for a film aboard the International Space Station have returned safely to Earth.

Yulia Peresild reported feeling but not being able to walk well, on the return flight from Kazakhstan to Russia.

Filming was hectic and not much sleep was had.

Regardless, she's sad to have left and hopes that their film manages to convey the real feeling and atmosphere of space.

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Early Eternals Impressions

Marvel is a reliable studio. Their films are consistently at least good and frequently excellent. 

Early impressions for Eternals are unsurprisingly positive.

Media are also widely reporting star Angelina Jolie as having attended the premiere with her children.

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Did Someone Beat Shatner?

No George Takei hasn't clubbed his former captain on the noggin.

Rather some are questioning his claim to have been the first Star Trek actor in space.

In 1992 Mae Jemison became the first black woman to travel into space and the following year appeared as a crew member in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Where Would You Explore?

NASA have thrown this question at everyone with a new Visions of the Future video.

In the accompanying tweet they ask:

At least as important as the spacefaring rockets and satellites is the explorer and the inspiration to make the journey.

Where would you explore? The methane lakes of Titan? The two-sun skies of exoplanet Kepler 16b? Or a world not yet known?

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More on Bonkers

A few weeks ago James McAvoy shared some advice given to him by Claudia Black about science-fiction.

It's bonkers and needs to be believed more than good writing.

Word of this has circulated back to Claudia and she has responded at length. She remarks that it might be her longest twitter thread ever.

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Marvel's Moving Movies

Deadline report that Marvel have changed their movie release schedule release for 2022 and beyond.

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Why Was Y Dropped?

Eliza Clark, showrunner on Y The Last Man, this morning announced via Twitter that Hulu won't be buying a second season.

She has expressed hope that the show might continue with another provider.

This news is disappointing because it's a great show but not really surprising because it swims in some very divisive political waters.

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Next Doctor Non-Binary?

Pearl Mackie, who played companion Bill in series 10, has expressed her opinion about the Doctor's next regeneration in an interview with The Telegraph:

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Doctor Who Retcons

When we saw this article in the newsfeed by Comic Book Resources:

Why Russell T Davies Won't Retcon the Timeless Child

we were rather surprised as earlier this week the BBC made a clear statement to the effect that the future of Doctor Who was not something they were ready to talk about. It was too far into the future:

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DC Fandome

DC recently held this year's DC Fandome virtual event and among other things, released new trailers for many of their upcoming films, tv shows and games.

You can watch the full 4 hour event here or just the trailers here.

There was also a 2 hour official Australia and New Zealand after party.