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Peoples Choice Awards

Nominees for the 47th People's Choice Awards have been accounced.

Science-fiction is moderately well represented, except in comedy, but looks completely different to the recent Saturns. Between them Star Wars and to a lesser extent, Star Trek dominated. Especially in wins.

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New Moonfall Images

Lionsgate have released 10 new images for Moonfall by master of disaster, Roland Emmerich.

Yes, the title checks out.

No, that's not our Endeavour in the image.

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Dune Director Wants More

Movies that is.

Possibly other things too but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Denis Villeneuve expressed a desire to do more Dune.

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Cowboy Bebop Trailer Drop

Netflix has released the official trailer for Cowboy Bebop which they describe as an action packed space western.

On the Netflix website it also labels it "Music & Musicals" and "Offbeat,Witty,Irreverent".

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The Origins of Dune

The BBC's Science Focus has published an interesting little piece on the likely origins of Frank Herbert's Dune.

Like, actual dunes.

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Lightyear Teaser Trailer

Pixar have released the first teaser trailer for Lightyear.

It appears to feature the Toy Story astronaut. But without any of the other toys and doing serious space stuff.


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BSG Designing Spaceships

Hero Collector have announced the publication next month of Battlestar Galactica: Desigining Spaceships.

The title is undeniably descriptive but doesn't quite say it all:

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Hoverbikes For Reals

Nikkei Asia reports that A.L.I. Technologies have unveiled the Xturismo, a flying motorcycle which they intend to deliver to customers next year.

A limited number of customers. Two hundred. Purchase price $682,000 US.

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Dune China Controversy

Taiwan News reports the absense of black actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster's character and replacement with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen's character on Chinese promotional posters for Dune.

At this time it isn't known who is responsible for this difference and it should be noted that the US version of the posters have also been seen in China.

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Star Wars Sweeps Saturns

The 46th annual Saturn Awards for science-fiction, horror and fantasy film and television were presented on the 26th.

Star Wars performed strongly with seven wins. The Rise of Skywalker was eligible courtesy of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films extending the eligibility period.