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65 Surprise
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After a long time hovering on the edge of entertainment awareness without providing any details other than cast and delaying its cinematic release by a year, 65 has surfaced and surprised.

Spoiler alert - midway through the trailer it tells us that the 65 refers to 65 million years ago. This is another time travel to the age of dinosaurs one.

Now the delay makes sense.

Last year it could have been competing with juggernaut Jurassic World Dominion.

From the trailer.

Charter 373. This is Commander Mills. My ship was hit by an undocumented asteroid. Transporting 35 passengers on a long range exploratory mission. Send help.

And the only survivor is a young girl.

Passengers on a long range space exploratory mission?

Does that make sense?

You've tickled our skepticism nerve but the trailer doesn't look terrible.

As we commented previously, we're also curious to see Adam Driver in a better sci-fi role, after those terrible Star Wars films.

65 will crash land in Australian cinemas on March 9.

[ Main Image: 65 Trailer. Credit: Sony via YouTube. ]


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