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Knights in Tights
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While the Batgirl film has gone the way of the dodo, DC's Gotham Knights action roleplaying game is still alive and kicking. Baddie butts.

Its developers shared the first 16 minutes of the game - as Batgirl no less - and also a selection of the game's suit styles with some developer commentary.

Our thoughts on the tutorial?

Solid narrative.

Comfortably superior to what was shown in the trailer for the CW show by the same name, which the game developers were swift to point out are separate projects.

Simple but snazzy looking investigative controls.

Combat controls possibly too simple for some players' tastes but the on-screen character movements are all suitably super.

Also demonstrated was the previously mentioned ability to switch between any of the four playable characters - Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood at the Belfry.

Your decision being treated by the game as those four deciding who to send on the next mission.

Our thoughts on the fashion?

We didn't care for Robin's look in his character trailer but the suit styles shown here are stunning.

And we don't mind the developers imposing limits on appearance customisation for the sake of ensuring coolness.

Each of the game's set styles is discrete.

Players can't choose the head piece from one set and mix with parts from another.

Though the cowl, gauntlets, boots and logo can all be customised and there are different colour sets you can apply.

Our sense of fashion is of course quite refined and we would never look uncool but this game does feature multiplayer.

Unlike some popular games we will name and shame - Elden Ring - Gotham Knights players won't have to compromise fashion for function.

Separate from suit styles there is equipment with statistical bonuses.

Each suit style has its own bonuses but there's a transmog system for that, i.e. you can apply the stats of a different suit to whichever one you want to strut the streets in.

Gotham Knights is scheduled to fashionably release on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on October 25.

[ Main Image: Gotham Knights gameplay. Credit: Warner Bros. via YouTube. ]


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