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DC Super Pets Trailer

DC have released the official trailer for DC League of Super Pets.

There are a few good laughs in it, like the Iron Man gag, but we're not sure every joke landed.

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Dean Cain Slams DC Lag

Several weeks ago we wrote about an interesting development in DC's Superman - a super same-sex kiss.

Dean Cain who played Superman in TV's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman also had some thoughts to share on the topic which more or less boil down to DC are super late to this party.

Several weeks ago.

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More Weigh In On Warner

Three more actors have weighed in on the Ruby Rose v Warner Bros dispute, though one of those quickly withdrew and little trace of their contribution remains.

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Ruby Rose Refuted by WB

Australian Ruby Rose recently fired a number of allegations against CW, Warner Bros. TV, Berlanti Productions and several specific staff with whom she had worked on CW's Batwoman.

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DC Fandome

DC recently held this year's DC Fandome virtual event and among other things, released new trailers for many of their upcoming films, tv shows and games.

You can watch the full 4 hour event here or just the trailers here.

There was also a 2 hour official Australia and New Zealand after party.

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Super Same-Sex Kiss

On an otherwise relatively uneventful day for sci-fi news, DC Comics have announced that on November 9, Superman will kiss another man.

Today is national Coming Out Day in the USA.

To be clear from the outset, this isn't Clark Kent. It's his son, Jon. Clark is offworld indefinitely and Jon is currently wearing the Superman outfit and serving in that role.

He will kiss another man. That's happening.

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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 is now available on Netflix and Binge.

It had previously been available as a rent or buy title on several digital services.

While not as good (critics 59%, audience 73%) as the earlier film (critics 93%, audience 84%), it's still moderately enjoyable.

As with Justice League, 1984 is hampered by DC's poor attempt to capitalise on 80s nostalgia.

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