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Ion Sci-Fi 8 Feb 2022

In this edition, aussie zombies are back in cinemas this week, a sneak peek at season 3 of The Orville, a look ahead to sci-fi slated for streaming services and best actor (film) nominations announced for the Ion Sci-Fi Screen Awards.

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Silo Teaser

Apple series Wool starring Dune's Rebecca Ferguson (Jessica Atreides) has been renamed Silo and given a May 5 release date.

Originally named for the book on which it is based, probably there's a very clever reason underlying it.

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Sigourney in The Gorge

No, sci-fi actress extraordinaire Sigourney Weaver hasn't fallen into a gorge. She has joined the cast of Apple original film The Gorge.

Described as a "high action, genre-bending love story" which we think might be code for sci-fi romance at a time when people haven't forgotten Jupiter Ascending or The Passenger.

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Hot Extrapolations

Though we do our best to keep across upcoming sci-fi content, this one crept up on and took us by surprise - a big budget all star cast Apple TV anthology series casting us decades into the future to get up close and personal with climate change.

Extrapolations, written, directed and executive produced by Contagion writer Scott Z. Burns. Trailer available.

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Looking to Tomorrow

Apple have released a first look for upcoming retro futuristic timeshare on the moon series Hello Tomorrow!

In this case that's a lot of chatting with cast plus a bit of new screen and behind the scenes footage.

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Hello Tomorrow!

We see a trailer for a new Apple TV+ series with a man dressed in 50s era clothes standing in a 50s era room. Does not immediately strike us as sci-fi but its title Hello Tomorrow! tickles our sci-fi gland.

Worth a quick look. Doesn't take long for us to see a man jetpacking off into the sky and a dog being walked by a hovering robot. Bingo! Good work sci-fi gland.

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Foundation S2

Apple have dropped a substantial 2 minute sneak peek at season 2 of Foundation.

A very respectable length for a peek.

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Wool Clip

Included in a looking to Winter and beyond preview for Apple TV+ is the shortest tease for an upcoming sci-fi title that we've seen.

Just three words. I'm not afraid.

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Foundation Season 3

An entertainment website called Midgard Times reports that Apple have officially renewed Foundation for a third season, and that it will begin filming in the Czech Republic in February.

Apple have not announced a renewal yet. The second season is still in post-production.

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Emmys Bust

While Apple's Severance headed into the Emmys with an impressive 14 nominations, it won only two in the Creative Arts Emmys.

Outstanding Main Title Design - Oliver Latta and Teddy Blanks - and Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) - Theodore Shapiro.


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