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Occupation Rainfall 2

A new chapter has been announced in the Australian made and set Occupation sci-fi film franchise, Occupation: Rainfall Chapter 2.

Joining returning characters from earlier films will be some well known names from sci-fi including Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica).

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Morbius Opening Scene

A little over two months after its cinema release, Sony have released the first nine minutes of the film on YouTube.

That's not standard practice. What might this be?

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The Lazarus Project

A new clip has been released for Sky's secret agency time loop series, The Lazarus Project.

It shows main character George (Paapa Essiedu) and someone we're guessing is a fellow agent engaged in a high speed campervan chase.

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Spiderhead Trailer

We hadn't been sure what to make of this film previously but this trailer might cinch it as a thought-provoking commentary on a range of topical issues.

Behavioural pharmaceuticals, scientific experimentation and even beauty.

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The Boys S3 Trailer

Courtesy of Amazon, we now have a trailer for The Boys season 3 and it clears up the mystery from their earlier teaser - Billy's superpowers.

We particularly appreciate the opening with Homelander repeatedly spewing carefully crafted and sanitised sound bytes to distance himself from his season 2 Nazi signifant other.

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Ion Sci-Fi May 17

This week meet the new Doctor Who, The Orville coming back with longer episodes, a look at the Resident Evil TV series and gameplay footage released for Stargate RPG Timekeepers.

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Star Trek Politics

George Takei and The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe have rejected a Fox claim that:

Star Trek writers take Starship Enterprise where it's never gone before - woke politics

Even our entertainment is awash in bitter partisanship

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Netflix Geeked Week

From June 6-10 Netflix will be conducting their 2022 Geeked Week virtual fan fest with news, panels and sneak peaks.

Of course there's an accompanying trailer.

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Like it or Leave

This is the essence of Netflix's newly updated guidelines for staff who feel cause to complain about any of the shows, films or games they make.

Netflix's achievements as a business are incredible and they make some great content but this stinks.

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Black Mirror S6

Amid a flurry of firings and cancellations, Netflix have surprised many by beginning work on a new season of never cancelled but long-time silent running anthology series, Black Mirror.

Season six will have more episodes than five which released in 2019 but since five only had three, that's neither impressive or informative.