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Wicked Quinn
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IGN's month of Gotham Knights firsts finished a few weeks back but they held onto some material and have now released an interview focused on Harley Quinn.

Harley had already been revealed as a villain and gameplay of her boss fight shown but this interview details how this Harley will be unlike any other.

As is common in the comic book world, this iteration of Gotham is separate from any previous film, series or comic.

Bruce Wayne / Batman is dead and the developers chose villains who they felt would be most by impacted that.

So as the Knights evolve to fill Batman's shoes we see that mirrored in the game's villains.

Most recently audiences have seen reluctantly working for the good guys Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey, played by Australia's Margot Robbie.

A more sympathetic anti-hero.

In this game she'll be older, more confident and like the Knights also no longer a side-kick. In her case to The Joker.

Less comically crazy.

A proper psychopath.

We've never been members of her fan club so aren't bothered, but wonder how her devotees will receive this version.

Gotham Knights releases on PC, Xbox X|S and PS5 on October 21.

[ Main Image: Gotham Knights - Harley Quinn concept art. Credit: Warner Bros via IGN. ]


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