Blog Archive: November 2021

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Morbius Trailer

Sony have released the official trailer for Morbius - though much of the footage is the same as shown in earlier teasers.

Vampires? That's not sci-fi!

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Respectfully Boba

Disney have released the official trailer for Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett.

There didn't appear to be any major suprises in it storywise.

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Hubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

NASA have published a new image from the Hubble Space Telescipe showing a 250 light-year wide bubble inside a nebula.

They have a few ideas about what might have caused it but none which completely add up according to our present understanding of giant space explosions.

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New Neo & Trinity Pic

USA Today have published exclusive photos for upcoming movies and among them is one for The Matrix: Resurrections.

Gritty, dirty and worried are not usually what people look for in a tender moment image.

But one of the subtle messages this image is probably intended to communicate is that this movie isn't Jupiter Ascending, where the tone was not universally appreciated.

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Not Neal's Metaverse

Author Neal Stephenson has tweeted clarification that he has no involvement in Facebook's Meta rebranding.

Since there seems to be growing confusion on this: I have nothing to do with anything that FB is up to involving the Metaverse, other than the obvious fact that they're using a term I coined in Snow Crash. There has been zero communication between me and FB & no biz relationship.

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Ion Sci-Fi Video

In this edition guest opinionista Matt Moran joins Raymond to review the week in sci-fi and we find out who was the best Star Trek captain ever.

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Subnautica Dev Purchase

Unknown Worlds, developers of Subnautica and sequel Below Zero, will be acquired by Krafton.

Subnautica is a rarity in the gaming world.

While Unknown Worlds had previously made Natural Selection 1 & 2 which were typical combat games with the usual assorted weaponry, Subnautica was developed without them.