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Encounter Trailer

Amazon have released a trailer for their upcoming film, Encounter.

Critic reviews are out for this one and they're mixed but generally unfavourable.

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Matrix Resurrections Poster

Warner Bros. have released a new poster for The Matrix Resurrections via Twitter.

It looks very Matrix, with an older Keanu.

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US UFO Office

In an exclusive interview with Politico, US Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand talks about her proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would create an Anomoly Surveillance and Resolution Office.

She cites a number of good reasons why the US government should investigate unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) - the new official term for UFOs - including regard for the mental health of military personnel.

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Spider Man Trailer

Sony have released the official trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In it we see Peter and MCU's Dr Strange performing a magic spell which goes a bit wobbly and results in enemies from alternate timelines popping in for a visit.

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The Expanse Trailer

Amazon have released a trailer for The Expanse season 6.

It looks like conflict has erupted and there's lots of exciting space combat, but the voiceover dialog makes it clear that most of our key players want peace.

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The Game Awards Nominees

The 2021 Game Awards nominees have been announced totalling 107 games, events, teams and individuals.

In contrast to many general film and TV awards, sci-fi is very well represented.

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Discovery Exits Netflix

Deadline report that a deal has just been struck for Star Trek: Discovery to leave Netflix as of midnight (US) tonight.

It won't become available on Paramount+ globally until next year.

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Netflix Now With Numbers

Undisputed king of streaming services, Netflix, have launched a new website called Netflix Top 10.

The title is largely self-explanatory.

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Ion Sci-Fi Video

In this week’s edition Raymond is joined by our North American correspondent Christian Baines for his take on Dune and the latest sci-fi news from Hollywood - including a possible reboot of Stargate. We see what's hitting Australian screens this week and take a look ahead to what's coming in January.

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Comic-Con Museum

San Diego's Comic Con, which turned 51 this year, is about to get its own museum.

Opening on November 26 to coincide with a Comic Con Special Edition, the first in person gathering for the annual event since COVID.