Blog Archive: January 2023

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Extraordinary v OK

Coming to Disney+ very soon is a new sitcom / comedy drama titled Extraordinary, a series which takes our world and gives absolutely everyone a superpower - except the main character.

By way of promotion they've released a trailer and a first look. Do they live up to the promise of the title? We're uncertain.

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Gunn Poaching Guardians

James Gunn presently straddles the Marvel and DC divide, like no other has before or probably will ever again.

Completing work on the final in the impressively and gloriously popular Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and being newly installed as co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios with Peter Safran.

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Midnight Suns First DLC

A little under two months after the game's release, the first DLC for tactical card battler / superhero social sim Marvel's Midnight Suns will release on January 26.

The Deadpool DLC trailer is titled The Good, The Bad and The Undead. Speaking of bad, there's the capitalization of the second and third the's in that title.

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Returnal on PC

Originally a PS5 exclusive which launched in April 2021, third-person shooter roguelike Returnal will land on PC on February 15.

The PS5 version won several major awards including Best Action Game in The Game Awards and Best Game at the British Academy Game Awards.

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Make My Day

This morning we discovered a new sci-fi anime series called Make My Day coming to Netflix next month which had slipped beneath our radar. How did we miss it?

It seems like Netflix revealed it during their Geeked Week event in 2021 - before our blog's time - and then quietly published the trailer to the Netflix site, skipping YouTube and social media.

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Evil and Exploitative

Set on Saturn's moon Titan, futuristic city building game Industries of Titan, is leaving early access on January 31.

PC Gamer describe it as "Terribly evil and exploitative fun" which the developers include in the 1.0 launch trailer and their game description on Steam.

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Hello Tomorrow!

We see a trailer for a new Apple TV+ series with a man dressed in 50s era clothes standing in a 50s era room. Does not immediately strike us as sci-fi but its title Hello Tomorrow! tickles our sci-fi gland.

Worth a quick look. Doesn't take long for us to see a man jetpacking off into the sky and a dog being walked by a hovering robot. Bingo! Good work sci-fi gland.

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Netflix 2023 Films

Following the reveal of their slate of Korean films and series for 2023, Netflix have unveiled their full film slate for the year. With an accompanying trailer.

How much sci-fi is there? You'd think that would be an easy question to answer, but no.

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The Mandalorian S3

Disney have dropped the season 3 trailer for The Mandalorian.

One scene made us chuckle, as a character we vaguely recognise from an earlier season bids, "May the Force be with you."

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The Last of Us Soars

Critical acclaim for HBO's (available in Australia on Binge) series adaptation of fungal zombies post-apocalyptic action adventure game The Last of Us is near universal.

It currently sports a 99% critics and 96% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes - from 114 and 3157 ratings.