Blog Archive: August 2022

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Knights in Tights

While the Batgirl film has gone the way of the dodo, DC's Gotham Knights action roleplaying game is still alive and kicking. Baddie butts.

Its developers shared the first 16 minutes of the game - as Batgirl no less - and also a selection of the game's suit styles with some developer commentary.

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Batgirl Binned

Warner Bros. have caused quite a stir by dumping a nearly completed film - Batgirl - at the eleventh hour.

Originally intended to release straight to streaming (HBO Max in the US) it's now going nowhere.

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Andor Delayed

Previously scheduled to premiere on August 31, the Andor series, of Star Wars, has been bumped back to September 21.

Accompanying the announcement is its trailer.

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Big Girl Tiny Delay

She-Hulk's premiere on Disney+ has been delayed by one day.

It and following episodes will release on Thursday (evening in Oz) instead of Wednesday because according to Marvel, "Wednesdays are so last season".

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More Lazarus

Sky have renewed time-looping spy drama The Lazarus Project for a second season.

Which from a certain angle is ironic.

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Farewell Nichelle

We're very slow getting to this one so it's unlikely news to many readers, but the death of Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols which was reported a few days ago can't go without comment.

Many tributes touch on a Whoopi Goldberg quote which speaks to the time she came into prominence.

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Ion Sci-Fi 2 August

We’re back! This week the third and last series of Picard, a new season of For All Mankind announced, Stargate’s 25th anniversary, farewell to a sci-fi icon and a look ahead to this year’s Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival.