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The Last of Us

HBO have produced one of those promotional looking ahead videos with brief flashes of all of their upcoming content, including new seasons of Avenue 5 and DC's Titans, Pennyworth and Doom Patrol.

Most interestingly they end on a big note with footage from upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie drama The Last of Us adapted from the video game.

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Vince Gillligan Interview

A few weeks ago we heard news that Breaking Bad and Better Caul Saul creator, writer and executive producer Vince Gilligan would soon pitch his next show idea to US TV networks and streaming services.

In an interview with The New Yorker he may have given us a hint about his plans.

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Wandering Earth 2

A teaser has been released for the prequel to The Wandering Earth which is China's highest grossing sci-fi film.

Interestingly the trailer includes embedded English subtitles so they're pitching this at a global audience.

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Day Shift Delight?

Based on their inside look and trailer we had pegged Netflix's recently released vampire film Day Shift as possibly enjoyable but in no danger of being excellent.

This is one of those rare and pleasant instances of a film exceeding its promos. However there is a catch.

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High Delay

Previously scheduled to release on the same day as Gotham Knights - which is shaping up to be a potential juggernaut - comedy sci-fi shooter High on Life has delayed its launch to December.

Without any reference to that or any other game. Of course. Quality. Bug squishing. Etc. etc.

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Sandman Surprise

Did you enjoy Netflix's Sandman series? Keen for a little bit more? Not keening on waiting for another season to be shot and produced, assuming it's renewed?

Netflix have released a two-part bonus titled A Dream of a Thousand Cats and Calliope. The cats one is animated.

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See S3 First Look

Apple have released a first look teaser for season 3 of post-apocalyptic drama, See.

It tells of a mad scientist played by Stargate Atlantis' David Hewlett who figures out how to make bombs.

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Bringing Redfall

Arkane Studios have released a 20 minute video developer diary for their upcoming vampire hunter first person shooter Redfall.

Developer diaries are sometimes a snoozefest but this one includes new details.

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Brisbane based developer Spitfire Interactive have announced a new superhero turn-based strategy game called Capes which is set to release next year.

If Marvel thought delaying Midnight Suns' release to next year would move it out of the way of superhero competition (Gotham Knights), they may need to think again.

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The Entropy Centre

One of the games which caught our eye during June's Summer Game Fest was time-rewinding puzzle platformer, The Entropy Centre.

They've followed up their enticing trailer with five minutes of gameplay.