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Ghostbusters Game

No this one really is a Ghostbusters game. At Gamescom Illfonic have released a 3 minute gameplay trailer for Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed.

Showing both the perspective of ghosts and busters in this team player versus player title.

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Ion Sci-Fi 23 August

This week a look at the final season of See ending a reunion of former Stargate Atlantis cast members, developers talk through new vampire hunting first-person shooter Redfall, GoT stars return to HBO to fight zombies in a new series and Essie Davis confronts ghosts in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.

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Ghostbusters Game?

In a move which feels a bit like shouting into a storm, Netflix has released a trailer for a new mobile game Into the Dead 2: Unleashed - Ghostbusters, up against the opening night of this year's Gamescom.

On top of that, this is the single most confusing game trailer we've ever encountered.

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Gamescom Opening Night

Since we were up early to work anyway, we watched Gamescom's Opening Night live.

There were a dizzying number of sci-fi titles showcased.

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MultiVersus v Elden Ring

Since it launched in February this year, fantasy action roleplaying game Elden Ring has near continuously topped a range of gaming charts, occasionally being displaced by a new release before typically retaking first place.

Warners Bros. free-to-play 2D fighter MultiVersus has managed to take first place on NPD's chart of US gaming sales for July.

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The First Descendant

The whole "free" to play scene really isn't our thing but Nexon have released a very sexy trailer for their upcoming free-to-play sci-fi shooter The First Descendant.

We especially like the techno cowboy boots complete with lightning sparks.

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Blending real time strategy and survival in a resource scarce post-apocalyptic wasteland, Homeseek makes you the leader of a nomadic group who must build, advance and then constantly move on, all the while seeking a permanent home.

Its gameplay trailer showcases the different elements which doesn't include combat.

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Gotham at Gamescom

Having completely dominated gaming news of late we had seriously thought that maybe Gotham Knights would take a few days off for Gamescom.

Nope. This morning they tweeted their inclusion in its Opening Night which here in Australia will be streaming on the 24th at 4 AM AEST.

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Sony Sued

Earlier this year the US Federal Trade Commission launched an anti-trust investigation into Sony's acquisition of game developer Bungie.

Across the pond they're now also being sued for 5 billion pounds by 9 million claimants for overpricing games and in-game purchases.

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Distant Bloom

This year's Gamescom hasn't begun yet but some of its attendees have begun rolling out trailers.

One of those is botanical sim / management game Distant Bloom.