Blog Archive: April 2022

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Gender Equality

Last week we saw a few sites running a story about a sexism complaint made against Twitch .

By itself it was slightly interesting but not substantial enough for our purposes but is now joined by a petition to have actress Amber Heard removed by Warner Bros. from the Aquaman 2 film, which has received over 2.5 million signatures.

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Batwoman Cancelled

US Network CW have cancelled Batwoman after its third season.

While it might be tempting to interpret this in the context of Ruby Rose's controversial departure following season 2 we're more inclined to see this as part of a bigger picture.

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5th Element's 25th

The Fifth Element will celebrate it's 25th anniversary on May 7 and The New York Post have published an interesting piece including input from associate producer John Amicarella and sound designer Marc Mangini.

Its opening scene music - a slowed down recording of Tibetan monks chanting.

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Starfield Dev Diary

Bethesda have published their third dev diary for upcoming sci-fi roleplaying game Starfield and this one is all about sound.

We found the first three minutes a yawn but it picked up once they started talking about the actual music and the process of making it.

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Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Following the full cancellation of this year's E3, Microsoft have announced that they will hold their own Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 12 which will be streamed online.

Bethesda's Nasapunk roleplaying game Starfield is due to release later this year and doubtless will feature prominently in the show.

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Improving Halo

We rarely comment on individual reviews but when we saw the Washington Post publish one with a title that Halo's latest episode finally delivers on the show's promise, that struck a chord.

Early reviews for the series were mixed and our impression of the first two episodes was that the show is watchable but not stellar.

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Star Trek Booties

Earlier this year Star Wars unveiled The Chandrila Collection, or in layman's terms, the merchandise attached to their exorbitantly priced Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

Star Trek being a military organisation with most cast in uniform most of the time, there's less scope to compete on the fashion front but they've come in at the ground level with some fabulously expensive $400 (US) boots.

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Boba Fett ad

Recently the Boba Fett official account tweeted:

Have you spotted the incredible #BookofBobaFett billboard in Times Square?

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Tales of the Jedi

A previously only hinted at by crew gift image new Star Wars TV project, Tales of the Jedi, has appeared in the schedule for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, on May 28.

It is described as an animated anthology series and the panel will be attended by Lucasfilm's Dave Filoni.

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Jurassic Trailer 2

While sadly some of the reveals at this year's Cinemacon were exclusive to attendees, one which has been shared with the world is the new Jurassic World Dominion trailer.

What's to be said other than it's action and dinosaur packed?